Security Grilles

Security Grilles

Prevent break-ins, theft and vandalism with security grilles. Simple, and flexible aluminum folding grilles and closure systems are providing imaginative options for a wide range of storefront entrance and space delineators. Our no-haggle after sales service, commitment to ongoing improvement, and unrivalled range of products had helped us maintain a solid reputation as market leaders.

Any Layouts And Curves

Using a selection of stock straight and curved sections together, with our ability to form any special curves down to 356mm minimum radius, it is possible to follow any curve or profile. Ideal for following faceted store fronts, bar tops, etc., in continuous uninterrupted single spans.

The flexibility and mobility of our folding products provide limitless options for imaginative design layouts to suit any shape or length.

Unlimited Design Choice

With eleven different standard models to choose from, we have the product to suit almost any indoor application: glazed with tempered glass or polycarbonate transparent sheet, solid aluminum panels, micro-perforated steel sheet, or seven different grille patterns.

Available in any length or shape, most models can be supplied up to 5000mm high.

Custom Designed

All our products are custom built to suit individual customer requirements. Call us today for more details.

Small Stacking

Gliding smoothly from side to side, either stacking in-line or remotely clear of the entrance, these are most compact folding closures available on the market.

No Costly Motors

Only available with manual slide aside operation, there are no costly motors, winches, or springs to go wrong.

Maintenance Free

Without any planned or scheduled maintenance or service requirements, our folding systems are virtually completely maintenance free. Cost effective value for money in an attractive choice of models.

Allow Large Spans

Suspended from a continuous overhead track, they are easily operated single-handed, even in very large spans.

No Headroom Required

Only 42mm headroom is needed for the top track, there are no floor tracks. There are no removable mullions or posts to contend with since all the lock members, and other components, are integral. All our folding grille and closure systems are surprisingly lightweight, reducing the need for expensive elaborate overhead supporting structures.

Quick Ontime-Deliveries

We promise to provide professional advice by resourceful consultants, quickly and efficiently. Give us the problem, and we will provide simple, effective proposals with design or layout drawings and product selections. With guaranteed delivery within two weeks of final sizes and instructions, we can install anywhere.