Building Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting – Know Your Options

Commercial window tinting offers you a solid investment. Windows let in sunlight that is vital to the health and happiness of employees, customers or residents as well as indoor plants and pets. Sunlight gives building occupants a view outside. Any building with windows faces a certain amount of risk though. Sun damage, glare, and the upsetting but realistic possibility of broken glass from acts of nature, accidents or vandalism are very real possibilities. Commercial window tinting is the easiest and smartest way to mitigate these risks while preserving the benefits of sunlight, view and aesthetic appearance.

While sunlight is usually a welcome addition to any building’s interior, it brings with it some drawbacks. Sunshine greatly contributes to the level of heat in a building. The ultraviolet rays in streaming sunlight are also able to fade and damage furnishings, fixtures, flooring, and even paint. Needless to say, people inside a sunny building also suffer from too much ultraviolet exposure. Lucky for us, there is a simple solution, protective commercial window tinting.

With commercial window tinting and protective film, you can reduce the amount of damaging ultraviolet rays that enter your buildings by close to one hundred percent. Protective commercial window tinting cuts glare, and can reduce heat by as much as eighty percent. Not surprisingly, this can have a remarkably positive impact on reducing cooling costs. Also, in the colder months, the commercial window tinting film can keep heat from dissipating through the glass too!

Additional Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

The damage sunlight can cause is not the only harmful issue to be aware of. There is also a concern for safety. The welfare of both the property and the people inside of buildings are also relevant concerns. The possibility of glass being damaged or broken needs to be recognized. This is especially true in areas that are prone to storm damage, or in buildings that for whatever reason are more likely to be targeted by vandalism. You may not automatically assume that safety films could have any kind of impact on this sort of damage, but in fact there are new ways to protect glass from damage and dangerous shattering. Safety window films make it more difficult to shatter glass, and hold the glass together when it does break. Some treatments incorporate the glazing and the frame into the solution, improving the integrity, and making them safer than ever.

Another benefit is that commercial window tinting films create a clear and uniform look for the building. Property appearance is a factor in property value, and also makes a difference to the people who live and work in the building. In addition to enhancing your building’s public image, some films can protect exterior glass from scratch damage caused by vandals. When the glass is damaged by criminals, the film sustains all the damage. With commercial window tinting, the damaged window film can be simply be removed and replaced, saving the much larger expense of replacing the glass.

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